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Introduction Of Beveling Machine 返回首頁

In order to make the production process more convenient, beveling machines are often used to help complete the work. But quite a few people don't know much about the beveling machine, they just have heard of such a term. It is not clear what exactly it is. So now let's follow the Beveling Machine Supplier to see what the beveling machine looks like.

First of all, let's take a look at what is a beveling machine:

as the name suggests, the beveling machine is a special tool for chamfering and beveling the front face of a pipe or a flat plate. It can solve the shortcomings of irregular angles or rough slopes and high working noise in the operation process of the grinder. The beveling machine has the advantages of easy operation, standard angle and smooth surface. According to the characteristics of processing materials, it can be divided into two types: Pipe Beveling Machine and flat beveling machine.

Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machine

Secondly, the beveling machine is widely used, mainly for:

To process the groove before welding, it can process the outer groove of the hole, and can also deburr the metal material. The versatility and flexibility of the beveling machine can save a lot of working time, and it can also reduce labor intensity, thereby saving costs for enterprises and improving work efficiency.

Third, the characteristics of the beveling machine:

double insulation protection; standard V-shaped roller guide; no oily smoke, no hot fog, no vibration when working; no burrs on the beveling edge; unique gear motor design; comfortable and safe operation Handle; adopts carbide blade; unique design effectively prevents paint from peeling off. Light weight, small size, and easy to carry.

forth,the precautions when operating the Beveling Machine:

before use, check whether the electrical insulation is good, whether the grounding is reliable, and when in use, you should wear insulated hands, insulated shoes, and pad insulation; work in the furnace When cutting, two people must work together at the same time; before cutting, check whether the rotating part is abnormal, whether the lubrication is good, and perform a turning test before cutting; when cutting, the workpiece must be tightened; after using it, remember to cut off the power.

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