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what is pipe hot expanding technology? 返回首頁

Limited to the limited specification of seamless steel pipe in steel plant, according to the needs of end consumers, the hot expanded steel pipe was born. The specification and model of hot expanded steel pipe are more arbitrary, and they are generally made according to the needs of customers. The hot expanded steel pipe is the steel pipe with low density but strong shrinkage (seamless steel pipe) can be referred to as hot expansion pipe.

The two-step push pipe expander with cone die expanding technology, digital medium frequency induction heating technology and hydraulic technology are used in one machine. With reasonable process, low energy consumption, low construction investment, good product quality, wide range of raw materials and product specification applicability, flexible and low investment production batch adaptability, it replaces the traditional steel pipe industry drawing Dial expanding technology. As it is difficult to solve the supply of large-diameter steel pipe, hot-rolled steel pipe has become an important product source to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipe in China, which eases the shortage of large-diameter steel pipe market.


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